Romania is an easy and exciting place to do business. Located in Eastern Europe, it is home to some 20 million people (Bucharest, the capital city, is home to 1.9 million) making it the largest market in Southeastern Europe, but with one of the lowest operational costs in the region.

Romania is truly on the forefront of innovation and technology. It is one of the most important software producers in Eastern Europe as well as a top IT outsourcing service provider worldwide. It has the fastest growth rate in terms of numbers and quality of IT specialist in the region.

That’s why HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel and other high tech giants are key players in Romania. Romania ranks number one among European countries in internet speed connections and number two worldwide.

The workforce in Romania is young, talented and well educated: a young population with more than 50% of the population under 40, a high percentage of technically skilled professionals, and 125,000 University graduates per year.

There are few language or cultural barriers in Romania. It is a free market economy and a member of the EU as well as NATO. 95% of young Romanians speak English and more than half speak another foreign language. More than a quarter of them speak more than two foreign languages.

Bucharest is listed as one of the best European business destinations by Cushman & Wakefield’s “European Cities Monitor 2011.”