As corporate citizens in an emerging region, Centrade believes that it is important to help build and rebuild the community in which we live and work. To that end, we have continuously assisted with programs that bring educational opportunities, and a better quality of life to Romanians of all ages.

The Florescu family has reclaimed a seventy-five-acre family property in Copaceni, a village thirty miles south of Bucharest. The property, a childhood home of Radu Florescu, Sr., consists of a large main house, a working farm, vineyards and farmland encompassing fifty hectares. In 2012, this property was donated to Hospice of Hope, a UK-based charity operating under the patronage of the Duchess of Norfolk. The charity - which in Romania is under the patronage of Princess Marina Sturdza - provides hospice services for teenagers with incurable diseases and is on track in its execution of a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign.
Princess Margaret of Romania Foundation Corporate Challenge
Centrade organized the first Corporate Social Responsibility event in Romania. Created to help Princess Margaret of Romania’s Foundation for orphan children, Centrade planned the first of three 5K runs through the center of Bucharest. The runs had a threefold mission: to increase awareness of the challenges of child development in orphanages; to encourage companies to involve their employees in giving back to the community; and to increase internal teamwork. Later, Centrade was key organizer of fundraising dinner for Princess Margaret at the French Senate in Paris.
Kerry Kennedy’s “Speak Truth to Power”
Centrade collaborated with Kerry Kennedy and the New York-based RFK Foundation to prepare a three-day visit by Ms. Kennedy to promote Human Rights Awareness. Called “Speak Truth to Power,” the campaign launched a photo exhibit, a book, a play (staged at the president’s palace) and an educational curriculum that was integrated into a number of schools in Bucharest.
(Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Started by Professor Radu Florescu, The Educational Enrichment for Romanian Children (EERC) foundation has for 20 years provided scholarship money and support for Romanian students to complete summer study programs in the Boston area. Each year, Centrade contributes scholarship funds for eight to ten gifted Romanian teenagers.
Petrosani Scholarships
This endeavor provided scholarship funds for children living in the mining town of Petrosani in Western Romania. The children – ages eleven through fifteen – were brought to Boston to study in schools for gifted students during summer break.
Florescu Foundation
(Houston, Texas)
At events held in Houston, Texas and Chicago, Illinois, the Florescu Foundation has raised funds for humanitarian causes in Romania. Among the recipients is Santa Macrina, a foster home run by Father Gabriel, a Romanian Orthodox priest and social worker.