Bucharest, Romania, December 7, 2012
Chainsaw Europe, the sister company of Chainsaw Hollywood, today announced the opening of Romania’s first Dolby-ready studio for trailers and commercials. The new studio also meets Dolby-standards for films. The Chainsaw Europe studio is the first of its kind in the region with official accreditation due shortly for trailers and commercials.

"For film and television producers, we will be able to deliver a comfortable, high-tech and financially attractive option that is close to home" said Irina Stanciulescu, head of film at Chainsaw Europe. The bay allows film-makers and TV commercial producers to create their mixes in a theatre environment. With the Romanian film genre gaining worldwide notice, this facility allows film and commercial producers in the region to raise the level of technical performance for their clients and viewing audiences.

Construction for the studio began more than six months ago after consultation and on-site visits from Dolby experts in Los Angeles and Rome. Special materials for the studio were custom-ordered from Germany and England. Constructed as “a three layer cake”, especially build walls measure some 50 centimeters on all sides, including the ground. The new mixing room stimulates perfectly a cinema and is equipped with Pro Tools 10 HD 3, with JBL Surround Speakers (THX approved), big Projecta Cinema Vision Sound perforated screen and Panasonic 3D Full HD video projector.

For further information, contact:

Irina Stanciulescu
Head of Film/Chainsaw Europe