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Bucharest, Romania, May 23, 2013
Chainsaw Europe is launching a full-out campaign to promote its post-production digital Eastern European hub for commercials, television shows and films in response to the continued globalization of production. Over the last three months, sales teams from Chainsaw Europe traveled to Istanbul, London, Beirut and New York City to lure an ever-mobile business.

"The terrific thing about Romania is its highly-skilled labor force that connects to Anglo-American culture, and now with powerful fiber-optic lines, material can be delivered anywhere in the world in an instant." said John M. Florescu, founder of Chainsaw Europe and CEO of Centrade Group.

Most recently, Chainsaw Audio wrote contributing music for such hit shows as Fox's American Idol and So, You Think You Can Dance?. Also, earlier in the year, Chainsaw became the first and only Dolby-ready studio in Romania for film trailers and sound mixing.

As part of this outreach initiative, Chainsaw Europe announced today the launch of its new web site. The fully integrated site is intended to expand the company's global reach and brand, introducing a new company logo in the process. Designed by Kubis Interactive and Chainsaw Europe's own in-house team, the site will accelerate the company's plan to add to the more than a dozen countries Chainsaw already works with, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

Over the years, Chainsaw Europe has quickly become one of the top editing facilities in the region, having done work for the BBC, Discovery Channel, HBO and many multi-national companies. Chainsaw is also one of Procter & Gamble's chosen post-production partners. The facility has been the preferred destination for ADR work by Little Britain's Matt Lucas and film and television actor Tim Roth.

In the advertising sector, Chainsaw has done off-line editing and special effects for Grey UK, Grey Turkey, Grey Poland, Publicis New York, Saatchi Poland and Leo Burnett Lebanon.

The site boasts a new sleek, user-friendly interface that connects the film, advertising and audio departments in one easy-to-navigate location. Full commercials, as well as film clips and trailers from features and shorts, are available to stream. The user can also connect to Chainsaw's social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Soundcloud and YouTube.

The site offers a complete virtual tour of the facility and a view of all of the equipment we have to offer, as well as meet the staff.

The Dolby facility, designed in consultation with Dolby experts from Los Angeles and Rome, was built with special walls measuring 50 centimeters on all sides, including the floor. The mixing room is the perfect simulation of a cinema.

Chainsaw's editors have distinguished themselves with the region's highest awards, such as three Gopo awards for The Rest Is Silence (directed by Nae Caranfil), Periferic (directed by Bogdan George Apetri) and Somewhere in Palilula (directed by Silviu Purcarete). Many of the editors have even been cited for their work in Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Chainsaw Europe is the sister company of Chainsaw USA, which you can link to ( Chainsaw USA is located in the heart of Hollywood and is one of the largest facilities of its kind with more than 140 editing bays.

Doinita Morar
Managing Director/Chainsaw Europe
+40 21 323 4018